Recommendation Highlights

From William Pearsall, formerly of Bellevue, WA now in Deerfield Beach, FL

…I endorse him unconditionally and look forward to benefiting from Bob’s assistance on future projects. He is sincere, straight forward, succinct, eloquent, patient, professional, respected, kind, wise beyond
his years, trustworthy and always on time.

Within my profession, colleagueship is not assumed by the sharing of an identifying title. Colleagueship is a selective designation bestowed only after one has become known for their demonstrated integrity and applied knowledge of the unique inner workings of many business scenarios.
Additionally, a colleague must have the ability to design and implement complex problem solving scenarios for the lasting benefit of all parties.


December 2, 2020
To whom it may concern:
Bob Michaelson joined our firm, Kapalua Realty Co., Ltd. as our marketing consultant in January 2016 until June 2020, when our office was sold to Coldwell Banker. During his employment, Bob was able to
assist our office increase our market share of listings and sales in the Kapalua Resort consistently every year.

Bob also assisted our individual agents with their website and marketing efforts. He was always responsive to everyone’s needs and got things done in a very timely manner.

He was knowledgeable and a joy to work with. I’m happy to offer my recommendation for Bob Michaelson.

Sharen Sylva
Principal Broker
Kapalua Realty Co., Ltd.